PSL Token

Built on the Pastel Protocol (based on Bitcoin, Dash, and ZCash),  PSL is a token that allows for digital art to be uniquely traded on a decentralized platform.


What is PSL used for?

Our protocol and innovative use of blockchain technology
solves industry wide problems faced by both artists and collectors.

First, PSL is a novel token required to be able to register art on the Pastel blockchain network.

Second, PSL can be staked and rewards MN operators for services provided to the network.

Lastly, the token will be required in order to use the network’s decentralized exchange to buy/sell art.

Token: PSL

Total Supply: 21,000,000,000

Initial circulation: 10,500,000,000

Block Reward: 12,500 PSL/Block

PSL Tokenomics

PSL has an innovative token economy to maintain usability and value across the life of the currency within the Pastel art trading ecosystem. Outside listing and trading artwork, PSL can be earned by running a masternode to support the network and quality of art listed within the Pastel network.

How will PSL increase in value?

As demand for the resources of the network rises, the price of masternode resources and the cost of registering art will lead to an appreciation in price for the token. Additionally, demand for the token to buy/sell art on the decentralized exchange will also create upward pressure on the price.

Lastly, demand for masternodes, which perform the core functionality required to power the network, will naturally create upward pressure in price, as 5-10 million coins will need to be purchased and staked for every masternode, leading to a reduction in supply and an increase in price as a result.


Masternodes will perform the core functionality required to power the network. Further MN information to be announced.


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